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CouchRest and CouchRest Model

Simple Queries

CouchRest Model supports a few basic queries for retrieving your data from the database. For more sophisticated ways of accessing your data, see the views section.


Load all the documents of the matching type using the model’s “all” view.

# Find a list of all the people
Person.all.each do |person|
  puts "Person: #{person.first_name}"

# Limit the number of people returned
Person.all(:limit => 10).each do |person|
  puts "Person: #{person.first_name}"


Perform a request for the ‘all’ view but set limit to 0 and only use the total_rows field returned by CouchDB.

# Find the total number of people
People.count  # => 23

Model.first and Model.last

Using the ‘all’ query to find the first or last document. CouchDB orders by the id field which is generated randomly upon saving. You’ll probably want to use a view with an index on a specific value to get something more meaningful from these requests.

# Fetch the first person available
Person.first  # <#Person ....>

Model.get, Model.get!, and Model.find

Fetch a single document from the database using document id provided. This request does not use a view to fetch the results, so if the id you provide is for an object of a different type, an instance of that will be returned instead!

# Load a single Person from the database
person = Person.get("12345")

# If the id belongs to an object of a different type:
person = Person.get('felix')
person.class # => Cat !!